An open source programming language aimed at making Ada more accessible.

use Ada.Text_IO;
proc Main:
  Put_Line ("Hello world");

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Release Updates

Version 0.2.0 (Beta)

Packaged builds now available for Windows and Linux - along with TextMate and Sublime Text syntax highlighting!

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Version 0.1.0 (Pre-Alpha)

Welcome to the official Ada++ website. We, the Ada++ team, would like to announce the release of the pre-alpha version of the compiler.

The major features include a modified (optional) syntax and minor additions to the standard library. Work has begun on TextMate syntax highlighting which would allow for simultaneously support of both Github and Sublime Text. Currently GNATStudio does not handle the new syntax.

For a full listing of changes and roadmap, see the Docs page .

We welcome you to visit our Github page to open issues or feature requests.